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Mitra Best

Mitra Best

Mitra M. Best is the U.S. Innovation Leader at PwC, leading the disciplined approach to inspire, evaluate and implement innovative ideas across the organization with the critical mission to support the development of new services and market opportunities across industries.

Ms Best  influences and advises PwC senior leaders on new ideas and approaches to organizational strategy, works with clients and third parties to foster open innovation, and promotes the PwC brand as an innovative leader in the marketplace.

A major part of Ms Best’s effort is focused on transforming the culture both through the mindset of the 33,000 employees — encouraging each, regardless of their level, to play the role of innovator — and through influencing the leaders and legacy processes in the firm.  Through promoting this mindset, Ms. Best has helped reinvent the culture at PwC – making it clear that big ideas don’t only start in the boardroom, but instead can come from anywhere and from anyone.

Ms. Best’s position as a thought leader in innovation can be observed through her active role in contributing to and shaping conversation in this space. She is a frequent speaker and panellist at conferences, promoting innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and public/private partnerships.

Ms. Best started at PwC in April 1999 in the Office of Global CIO, as marketer, technologist and strategist. Before being appointed as the Innovation Leader for the US firm, Ms. Best served at the Technology Leader for the PwC Knowledge Services Organization and Business Strategy Leader for the PwC Center for Advanced Research. Prior to joining PwC, Ms. Best’s professional roles included Vice President, Business Development at BookMark Communications, and Founding Partner at Syntext, a software development company servicing industries such as aerospace, healthcare and publishing. She began her career as a software engineer and quickly moved into product and marketing strategy.

Ms. Best has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Linguistics from UCLA and a Graduate Management Certificate in Innovation & Strategy from MIT.

She serves on the boards of Start-Up UCLA, Colorado Innovation Network, LA Mayor’s Council on Innovation & Industry, and Facing History and Ourselves.

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One Response to About Mitra

  1. Emma Fitzgerald says:

    Hello Mitra, I’d really like to hear your thoughts on an internal culture initiative we are launching this year. Our proposed initiative sounds similar to the PwC US iPlace so I think there’s a lot we can learn from you. If you’re interested in helping out, please get in touch. With kind regards, Emma

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